Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Side Dish

I wrote this on the morning of Thanksgiving Day, but totally forgot to press 'publish', so here it is:

I’d like to take the time this Thanksgiving morning to wish everyone a very happy holiday season, a warm Thanksgiving, a fantastic Thanksgivukkah / Hanugiving and a lovely day with friends and family.  I’m not going to start enumerating everything that I am thankful for, because I am pretty much thankful for everything.  My family gives me such a feeling of abundance I could have never expected, and I’m coming off a two-week paid vacation so I’m in no position to complain, life may not be easy, but it’s good.  I am also thankful for the crazed man who called my husband’s work cell phone at 3 AM this morning, threatening us that if we did not get the super to put up more heat in his apartment, he was going to call the cops, because he kind of just epitomized Life In New York right there.  I hope he gets his heat because as I sit here in the Seventh Borough, it’s cold and blustery outside.  But when a 718 Area Code call comes in at 3 AM, it’s easy to assume the worst. 

I love holidays even more so now than before, because I get excited for Nick to get excited about the events of the seasons.  By now, I’ve probably had 35 Turkey dinners on the fourth Thursday in November, so there is no novelty there.  Some time, when we’re not facing gale-force winds, we will take Nick to the Thanksgiving Day Parade in the First Borough, just like my parents had taken my brother and I, and Rob’s family had taken him, and that will be great fun!  But as I prepare for my 35th Turkey Thursday, it’s the little things I look forward to.  A giant Kermit the Frog balloon coming down Central Park West is awesome, but these days I get my kicks out of that ‘woosh-slup’ sound of a log of jellied cranberry sauce slip-sliding its way out of the can.  Once out of the can, it resembles the can more than an actual cranberry, with the can’s ridge marks on the side of your jellied log. 
And now that I've put 'jellied log' into writing, it sounds horrible. 

So enjoy your turkeys and all the fixins' and trimmings, whether it involves jellied logs or fresh cranberry with orange zest, or cranberry juice + vodka, it's all good.  Thank you for reading this train-wreck of a blog on your own free will.  And let's all be thankful for food in our tummies and the heat in our home, even if the cops had to show up and turn it on by force. 

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