Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Seventh Borough Extension: Reporting from 30,000 Feet

Readers, this is more of an editor's note than a true post, more of an update, if you will.

First, I'd like to thank "GD" for her post.  It's true, these little vignettes that I write take a long time to put together in such a way that I think is entertaining and will also make sense for those of you who don't live in my head, which should really be all of you.  I truly appreciate the vote of confidence and support of 7BN's readership.

Secondly, as I write this, I'm in an airplane somewhere over Milwaukee (per the map and the Pennsylvania-sized airplane in which we are flying).  No, the plane icon/map of the US proportions are so distorted I think we are over Wisconsin, all of it.  All of it at once.  We all made it through security without a glitch, we've schlepped all the baby stuff to where it needs to go, and Nick fell asleep before we even left the gate.  Half a day of day care and a few hours of scooting around the terminal (and a few french fries) was the winning formula to put a tired baby to rest.

But I have to interject, the MTA / TSA's If You See Something, Say Something campaign takes on a whole new meaning after you've read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See 487 times.  The Brown Bear sees a red bird, but he says nothing.  Likewise, the White Dog sees a Black Sheep and I don't think he's escalated anything to the authorities.  I think we need a better action plan.  I've seen plenty in the terminal today alone.  I've seen TSA try to jam our carseat into the X-ray machine (it didn't fit), I've watched a guy 'entertain' Nick while at our gate, he was very kind to Nick and either he loves babies or he thinks he loves babies after he really loves vodka, and I've seen a bunch of tipsy people rush their way onto a single-aisle plane while becoming super negotiators at seat swapping.  Clarity always finds its way though.  Viva Las Vegas!

I've had my drink and now TNT a la Jet Blue TV has non-stop Law & Orders on the tube.  Things are looking up.  The flight tracker map now shows us with one wing covering Nebraska while the other wing is covering most of Kansas.  You'd think on such a big plane the seats would be more spread out.          

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